What Sets Us Apart

In today's manufacturing environment, we face unrelenting challenges such as how to reduce the cost and lead time of products and services in order to be competitive in a local and global economy where the playing field is not always level. Our answer is PERFORMANCE with QUALITY...

I-Corp Inc. is often forced to make parts from samples or even prototyped parts without drawings or even specification sheets (reverse engineering). We also can help customers design new parts from scratch through concept completion including prototypes. Our internally developed software known as ICE allows the ability to quickly find customer drawings and references from our extensive job library. Due to this kind of work, we keep massive archives of customer drawings and records for their convenience. Experienced and seasoned machinists work two shifts around the clock 6 days a week. By placing the proper urgency on customer tasks, priority jobs are assigned crews no matter the time or day including holidays to meet the needs of the request. I-Corp places a lot of emphasis and effort to make reasonable customer delivery by always being available.

A wide variety of equipment is available to choose from including 8 horizontal mills. I-Corp offers intricate fabrication that requires pre and post treatments as well as pipe, structural, and machine fabrication. Tight tolerance fabrications are one of our specialties.

We seek to understand the customer. Communication and developing relationships with customers and understand the customer's business and needs is how I-Corp has maintained a huge presence in the machining world of Southeast Texas for over 35 years. We focus on local work because being local is one of our strengths.